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Rosy’s Bariatric Surgery testimony

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Rosy - bariatric surgery - before and afterHAS LOST 56 kgs

Rosa María Ríos González.

My surgery was the gastric sleeve and it was held on August 9, 2010. My recovery was quick (about a week) and without complications, thank God. The first few days after surgery, food was only liquids and as time progressed the food changed from liquids to softs and so on until I could eat solids, thanks to nutritionists I have learned to eat healthy. Regularly people ask me if I am satisfied with the amount of food I eat, and the truth is that I’m never hungry.

When I started the treatment my weight was 161.6 kg and I had many problems, the biggest one were my knees, I have worn kneecaps and suffered a lot when going up and down the stairs or getting on and off the truck. Another one of my problems is that I was glucose intolerant this means, I was in the allowable limit of glucose levels, I also had problems with my period, I was never constant and sometimes I needed gynecological treatments for menstrual regulation. But I think I had more trouble with my selfesteem, I did not like going out because I never had any clothes to wear, since the size was very difficult to find, I felt very uncomfortable in public places due to fear of stares and criticism by my weight, another of my traumas was to get in the bus, I really hated it because if it was full it was almost impossible to pass between the people, and it was really embarrassing for me, and forget about parties, they were the worst that could happen and if I attended it was very complicated for me because of the clothes, to find shoes for my knees because I could not use any shoe and heels were totally out of my possibilities.

The reasons that I had to make the decision for surgery, were many, my pains, my appearance, but there were two events in my life that were detonating: the first incident was the Expo Fair Guadalupe on May 2, 2010, as I witnessed this unpleasant incident, the worst part were the shouts of Hit the Ground, and I, accompanied by my sister, just the thought that we had to run for our lives or something similar, and that I could fail to do so because of my weight something would happen to my sister, just thinking about it affected me a lot, the other incident was a contraction in the lower back, which left me lying on the ground unable to move for several hours, until I could inject myself, but even with that I could not stand up, and seeing that my whole family was there, but no one could help me because of my weight, was traumatic. But now everything has changed so much, my attitude towards life, my joy has always been the same, but now much more! I decided to study at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the UANL, I last much more in my work, because I can walk up and down and I do not get tired or pain from both knees, I can even run up the stairs, it was something I never imagined. I can also find clothes at any store, I feel more confident and even beautiful, why not.

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Rosy’s testimony March 26, 2016

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