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Monica’s Bariatric Surgery testimony

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Monica - bariatric surgery - before and after

Hello … I´m Monica Arrezola, I am 32 years old, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, married, without children, professional radiologist. 1 year ago I took one of the most important decisions in my life, having an operation for Obesity, after so many research, I contacted Dr. Javier Rojas, which I carried out an interview and confirmed that he was a candidate for Gastric Sleeve. I did not doubt a moment and I started planning my surgery, even though my husband was not very convinced. I was always an overweight person which gained weight for periods and ended up in Obesity. When I was young I was under strict diets and exercise routines and yet I was not within my ideal weight, I always kept in overweight.

The trigger was after I got married and finished my specialty, both led me to having a poor diet, sedentary long hours front of a computer. And getting home late, tired, eating only once a day and exorbitant. I spent two years of my life like this, many will say that it´s a short time, but for me, these were enough to lead me to my greatest degree of obesity, I ended up weighing 90.5 Kgs Having a BMI of 33.6, I felt …. REALLY BAD …. Initially you dislike it when you look at yourself in the mirror, this leads you to be moody or depressed, you try to look for something that might make you feel better, you look for a new wardrobe, but it turns out you do not find anything your size, everything looks bad in you .. . Feeling like going out … NEVER …. You have no mood for anything … So begins a vicious cycle where you are trying to stay afloat, but you do not succeed …

When did I hit bottom?

When I realized that at my 32 years, I was beginning with hormonal disorders and high cholesterol. Had never been pregnant and even thinking of it, with that weight it was a time bomb ….

I had made my decision, however I began to plan everything when I saw my sister in law´s results, which had operated from gastric sleeve approximately 3-4 months ago, she looked and felt great. This helped a lot to convince my husband that it was a feasible option and there was a large percentage of success for me and my health.

Finally in August 2011, I was in the hands of Dr. Javier Rojas and his excellent team for the initial interviews with each of its partners, nutritionist, psychologist, anesthesiologist, internist, who evaluated me and gave their medical clearance for surgery.

Surely Dr. Javier Rojas along with Ms. Priscilla Ricks were the cornerstones for this long road that was about to begin. The big day arrived, September 3, 2011, I came to the hospital full of illusions.

FEAR???? Actually, no. I had full confidence in Dr. Javier Rojas. Prior to my surgery I released the pros and cons of it, but what gave me more confidence is knowing that your doctor knows and is aware of each of the above complications and knows how to treat them … .

Undoubtedly, the most difficult part was the diet you have to take before surgery, but with the hope that you have, you make it 100% correct.

Personally I felt some pain after the surgery but I am aware that my pain threshold is very low. Everything hurts me.

It took me about 10 days to completely go back to my activities.

The diet after the diet is not hard at all, you don´t feel hunger anymore … It is amazing … now you have to eat to stay alive and healthy, but you never again feel the sensation of hunger. You don´t crave anything, you just want liquids.

There is a hard part, learning to eat slowly …. It was certainly that cost me the most effort.

Discomfort after surgery????

NO, NO pain, NO nausea, NO hunger.

I immediately started seeing changes after the surgery, it had been 15 days and I had lost 5 Kgs Which in the past that would have taken me at least two months.

In December I had already lost 14kgs. Later I lost 2 kgs per month, by March I had lost 20kgs. Finally in June, nine months later, we had achieved the goal …. 60 Kgs

I am currently in a maintenance stage, I eat a little of everything, yet always meeting the golden rules of Ms. Prisca Ricks … proteins first and carbohydrates last, ….. Now I feel full of life, happy and above everything HEALTHY.

It is amazing that even for simple activities such as walking, you feel lighter. I’m definitely someone else.

It is true that you should care more about what who we are and not how we look like, but when your life is a time bomb and it becomes a slow suicide, you have to fight over everything to disable this bomb.

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Monica’s testimony March 26, 2016

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