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Isabel’s Bariatric Surgery Testimony

Isabel shares with you her experience.

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Isabel - manga gástrica - antes y despuésHello, my name is ISABEL MARTINEZ I am currently 35 years old, married and mother of a beautiful girl, on June 19, 2010 I made one of the most important decisions in my life, stop being chubby, because I was tired of trying every diet and alternative medicine to burn fat and decrease appetite and none of this worked, by having the surgical procedure called Gastric Sleeve obviously by Dr. Javier Rojas, when I had this procedure I weighed 82 kilograms and my height is 1.53 cms, and many people asked me why I was I was having the procedure, that I was not that fat, but maybe I didn´t have overweight but if I let it pass, I could suffer from other health problems after since my family has diabetes and I do not wanted to have these kinds of problems, because the more obese the more likely it would be to suffer from this disease.

The procedure was successful since there was no pain after the surgery and the recovery was fast, ingesting liquids the day after the surgical procedure, I was excellently served by a dietitian which is part of the medical team of Dr. Javier Rojas which led me to a healthy diet, being only liquids Stage 1, porridges Stage 2, and mashed food Stage 3, strictly following the instructions I was given and up to date I eat any type of food in small quantities and most importantly I eat the things I like the most without eating them only through my thoughts and mind and still being skinny, so I reached my goal currently weighing 49 kilogramss, losing a total of 33 kilogramss, which made me feel much better, I don´t fall asleep wherever anymore hahhaha my feet no longer hurt, moodiness disappeared, I no longer suffer from fatigue, I have become more active, and my self-esteem is way over the roof, I feel super thankful to DR. Javier Rojas and his team for the great medical and psychological support they gave me, God and of course with my family since my husband was the instrument to my success and my Mom for her support in making my meals, I highly recommend it as it is a Physical Motivator Achievement and most importanly a Health one, this is how I look like now and this is how I will look like for the rest of my life, THIN, without any anxiety of eating when I want and what I want, and it is true that the most important of a Human Being is their inner beauty, but its better to stand up in front of a mirror and know that your inner beauty is also in the outside looking good.

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Isabel’s Testimony March 26, 2016

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