Gastric Sleeve Mexico Reviews

Gastric Sleeve Mexico Reviews

Check reviews from patients who have had gastric sleeve procedures in Mexico.

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Gastric Sleeve Mexico Reviews

If you are looking for Gastric Sleeve Mexico Reviews, here you’ll find a couple of reviews or testimonials that our patients left us so people like you can find hope.

Isabel’s testimony

Isabel - manga gástrica - antes y despuésHello, my name is ISABEL MARTINEZ I am currently 35 years old, married and mother of a beautiful girl, on June 19, 2010 I made one of the most important decisions in my life, stop being chubby, because I was tired of trying every diet and alternative medicine to burn fat and decrease appetite and none of this worked, by having the surgical procedure called Gastric Sleeve obviously by Dr. Javier Rojas, when I had this procedure I weighed 82 kilograms and my height is 1.53 cms, and many people asked me why I was I was having the procedure, that I was not that fat, but maybe I didn´t have overweight but if I let it pass, I could suffer from other health problems after since my family has diabetes and I do not wanted to have these kinds of problems, because the more obese the more likely it would be to suffer from this disease.

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Miroslava’s testimony

Miroslava testimony - bariatric surgery - before and afterMy experience with gastric sleeve surgery has been really excellent. When I made the decision to have surgery, I remember arriving desperately for a solution to my problem, I had tried everything: pills, shakes, miraculous diets, I had the great fortune that my brother is a doctor, I told him about my decision and he immediately recommended me to have surgery with Dr. Javier Rojas.
Since the moment I arrived I felt I was in the right place, speaking with Dr. Javier Rojas gave me a lot of confidence and I immediately noticed his professionalism and experience. Thank God I did not have any complications, I always felt extremely well, I lost a total of 51 kilograms and I previously weighed 106 kilogramss, my life totally changed, it’s amazing how feeling and looking good makes you feel.

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Monica’s testimony

Monica - bariatric surgery - before and afterHello … I´m Monica Arrezola, I am 32 years old, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, married, without children, professional radiologist. 1 year ago I took one of the most important decisions in my life, having an operation for Obesity, after so many research, I contacted Dr. Javier Rojas, which I carried out an interview and confirmed that he was a candidate for Gastric Sleeve. I did not doubt a moment and I started planning my surgery, even though my husband was not very convinced. I was always an overweight person which gained weight for periods and ended up in Obesity. When I was young I was under strict diets and exercise routines and yet I was not within my ideal weight, I always kept in overweight.

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Diego’s testimony

Diego - bariatric surgery - before and afterI´ve lost 68 kgs.

My surgery was on May 29, 2010, I weighed 145 kilograms, well I can´t remember my BMI but it was obesity 4 which is the highest morbiid or something like that. The surgery was a gastric sleeve and my quick recovery was uncomplicated. The first and second week after the operation wasa smooth and liquid diet and the third week was more solid food, now my diet is normal, I eat little of everything in small quantities avoiding very hard meat, I do eat it, but more carefully than other foods. At no time after the operation I went through hunger, I the three meals of the day, I sometimes eat snacks, such as fruits, but not very often.

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Rosy’s testimony

Rosy - bariatric surgery - before and afterHAS LOST 56 kgs

My surgery was the gastric sleeve and it was held on August 9, 2010. My recovery was quick (about a week) and without complications, thank God. The first few days after surgery, food was only liquids and as time progressed the food changed from liquids to softs and so on until I could eat solids, thanks to nutritionists I have learned to eat healthy. Regularly people ask me if I am satisfied with the amount of food I eat, and the truth is that I’m never hungry.

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Yessika’s testimony

JESSICA TESTIMONY - bariatric surgery - before and afterHas lost 45 kgs.

Hello, my name is Yessika Jimenez and I want to share my life experience. I got a gastric bypass on November 4, 2008. Before surgery I weighed 98.5 kgs. and my BMI was 41. My diet after surgery was immediately liquids, then porridge, after minced food and then normal meal. The process was very surprising as after surgery I ate less than a quarter of what you normally eat and it was amazing how I felt full with so little. With food that I loved there were times when I ate it without measuring the amount of food I was ingesting but the body did not accept it the same way before surgery, which is why when I over ate something I would through it up. Currently I don´t suffer from hunger because I feel full with what I eat and I must admit that my life changed completely after bypass.

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Gastric Sleeve Mexico Reviews October 3, 2016

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