Gastric Sleeve Leakage Symptoms

Gastric sleeve leakage symptoms

How to know if you are suffering from a gastric sleeve leak?

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A gastric sleeve leakage symptoms may occur after a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, a surgical procedure used to treat obesity.

A gastric sleeve leak occurs when one or more of the staples in the stomach are not sustained and the stomach acids begin to leak through the stomach, resulting in infections and damaging other organs.

Gastric sleeve leakage is a potentially fatal condition that occurs in about 1 in 100 patients.

Symptoms of gastric sleeve leak

Consult a physician immediately if signs of gastric sleeve leak appear.

Symptoms of a sleeve leak include:

  • Pain in the abdomen that gets worse rather than better.
  • Swelling in the stomach.
  • Pain in the left shoulder or chest.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fever.
  • Infection.

Although these symptoms are similar to the symptoms of stomach bleeding as a result of surgery, they are also very common in a gastric sleeve leak. Only a doctor can determine if you are suffering from a loss of gastric sleeve or bleeding in the stomach due to surgery.


Get ready for drainage and parenteral or enteral feeding in a hospital. One possible option for the treatment and management of a gastric sleeve leak is to drain the stomach acids and feed the patients through a catheter or intravenously. This allows the stomach to heal so that filtration stops, while preventing stomach acids from reaching other organs.

A Second Surgery

Although there are two options to deal with this problem, the most common way to handle and fix a gastric sleeve is with surgery. Doctors will fix the leak in the stomach and will also remove the acids that have been filtered in the body cavity or other organs.

Stay in the hospital for as long as it takes to recover. Since both methods are invasive and important, the patient should remain in the hospital until he is out of potential danger. You can spend up to 30 days in the hospital recovering from any of these procedures.

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Gastric Sleeve Leakage Symptoms July 26, 2017

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