Bariatric Surgery Mexico

Bariatric Surgery Mexico

In Cirugía Para Obesidad y Diabetes we are specialists in Bariatric surgery Mexico.

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Bariatric surgery mexico

In Cirugía Para Obesidad y Diabetes we are specialists in Bariatric surgery Mexico. We focus on the treatment of patients with over-weight, obesity and metabolic problems. We are situated in Monterrey, Mexico, one of the most important cities in Mexico.

Our group is experimented and have helped many patients to get in shape in a healthy way, without danger, making bariatric surgery a wonderful process, and bringing real results to heir lives.

With our practice of Bariatric surgery Mexico, our objective is to improve your wellbeing, changing your life.

About Dr. Javier Rojas

Dr. Javier Rojas is the founder and leader of our Bariatric surgery Mexico group. He gratuated from the Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, 1994-2001, Monterrey, México. He prepared himself as a Bariatric surgeon in some of the best hospitals in Mexico, United States and Europe.

Some of the certifications, memberships an training of Dr. Rojas include:

Bariatric surgery Mexico Procedures

These are the procedures we can perform for those who are looking for help with Bariatric surgery Mexico.

Intragastric baloon

The intragastric baloon includes putting a balloon inside the stomach by endoscopy. At the point when the balloon is expanded, 60-70% of the volume inside the stomach is filled.

Adjustable gastric band

This procedure performed laparoscopically, is a hollow and inflated band of silicone which is placed around the upper part of the stomach creating a small pouch above the band, this band is connected, by a plastic tube, to a reservoir which is placed in the fatty tissue in the abdomen under the skin.

Gastric bypass

The gastric bypass is a combined procedure, where the malabsorptive and restrictive parts are used. The restrictive part is performed when the stomach is stapled and divided into two parts. The top is a small pouch made to serve as a “new” stomach.

Gastric sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve is a bariatric procedure that reduces the amount of food you can eat and significantly reduces hunger in the vast majority of patients.

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Bariatric Surgery Mexico August 31, 2016

About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team, focused in the treatment of patients with overweight, obesity and related diseases. Our team are highly trained and experience to help you to lose weight, in a healthy way, with minimal risk, making your surgery a pleasant experience, guarantee you excellent and long lasting results. Our goal is improve your health, transforming your life.

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