Adjustable gastric band

Adjustable gastric band

This procedure performed laparoscopically

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Banda gastrica ajustable

This procedure performed laparoscopically, is a hollow and inflated band of silicone which is placed around the upper part of the stomach creating a small pouch above the band, this band is connected, by a plastic tube, to a reservoir which is placed in the fatty tissue in the abdomen under the skin, thanks to this, the silicone band can be inflated with saline thereby reducing the storage capacity of the stomach. The band is adjustable, and these adjustments are made to meet the weight loss of each patient. This procedure is purely restrictive since it limits the amount of food you can eat besides it makes you feel full faster.

Among the advantages we can see that it is less invasive than other techniques because the stomach or intestines are not cut or stapled, there is no malabsorption and the process is adjustable and reversible.

Also, there are some disadvantages since it does not limit the intake of foods high in sugars, and requires frequent visits for adjustments. It is subject to belt slip or erosion in the stomach due to being a foreign body.

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Adjustable gastric band March 26, 2016

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